Custom WooCommerce Development For WordPress Ecommerce

Your online store, custom built using WordPress & WooCommerce to deliver & provide your custom ecommerce requirements.

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Woo your customers with an online store that makes it easy and affordable to buy from.

Transform your WordPress site into a fully operational, full-fledged ecommerce store. Say hi to WooCommerce, a customizable and scalable ecommerce plugin made for WordPress specifically. It can transform your website into a useful and professional online store that can sell anything from toys to confectionery and services, books, and more.

We deliver state-of-the-art WooCommerce solutions that’ll help you realize the full potential of your online business and get your customers to click the ‘Checkout’ button. From basic first store setups, to complete custom makeovers we can do it all.

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From a custom design, to complete custom integration, we’ll custom build to suit your WooCommerce needs and more

Custom Framework
Built from the ground up, based on your design, your requirements and nothing more

API's, 3rd Party Integration And More

Our experienced developers will use any tools necessary to custom build your website

Plugin Minimization

Custom coded functionality that doesn’t require a huge library of premium plugins
Built For Scale
Ensuring from the get-go the entire website is built for scale in supporting more orders

Built For Automation

Connected & integrated with your shipping & accounting platforms to reduce manual tasks

On-Going Optimization

Understanding and learning how your visitors respond to optimize for better results

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Branch and Blossom

Casa Cielo Design

Floral State

Branch and Blossom


Our aim is to come up with the best technical suggestions based on the specialities of your product/services. We get into details about your target market, key competitors, required integrations, extra features, and functionalities you need and so much more. This will help us come up with a WooCommerce development roadmap.


You can choose to provide us with your design comp and we’ll transform them into a beautiful store. Alternatively, we will design a store that will care for your business and customers at the same time. You get a design concept that best fits your products or services that we turn into a finished prototype.


Here comes the tech part. We start a WooCommerce development cycle for front-end, back-end development, third party integrations, and everything to give your customers the best experience. Our QA specialists test the key areas and functions before the launch to make sure everything works as expected.

Maintenance and Ongoing Support

You are ready to turn heads with your eye-catching store. Watch in amazement as you see the power of your WooCommerce store design in action. We’ll love to be a part of your success, offering support strategically and technically, and cheering you on as you go.

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Helping businesses like VAFA realise their true potential for new sponsorship revenue

By identifying their larger community, taking advantage of their single largest digital asset, opening new advertising channels to help invest back into the community, clubs and their game.


We’ve empowered businesses of all shapes and sizes, big and small alike

With an array of experience and expertise in all areas of business and life, the team here at Powahaus has helped hundreds of businesses across many industries. The following is but a small sample of those we have helped and empowered.

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