Give Your Audience Another Reason, With Website To APP Conversion

Drive engagement and growth by turning your website into a functioning IOS and Android app to create on-the-go presence for your business.

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Convert your web visitors into loyal app users.

Customers nowadays prefer mobile apps to perform daily activities like booking, shopping, ordering etc. Mobile apps are rapidly turning into an all-time favorite solution. Having only a website is no longer enough, you need to go mobile.

However, creating an app is not cheap – not to mention the required updates that Apple & Google need you to meet on a monthly basis just to keep up with their ever-changing code.

We can offer you an affordable solution where we convert your website into mobile apps that can be downloaded from the Google and Apple stores. You will also be able to integrate extended features and functionalities like push notifications, further bringing another direct form of communication with your members & customers, and providing easier access to your website/app.

the next step

From Google, to IOS, create a new pathway for engagement of your services with your audience and more

Android / Google
Your website, but as an APP complete with its own Google Play store page and more

IOS / Apple

Your website, but as an APP complete with its own Apple APP store page and more

Seemless Updates

Forget costly APP updates, every change to your website is reflected on your APP
Perfect for Membership Sites & SaaS
From membership sites to marketplaces or platforms, setup & configuration is achievable

Extremely Cost Effective

1/10 the cost of building a normal APP, with next to none of the on-going expensive costs

Segmented Push Notifications

Send push notifications to groups and segments based on interests and categories you define

Over 400 businesses and counting, from launch to re-brand, integrated UX, CX, custom development and a whole lot more


We get to know about your business, conduct a quick UX analysis on your website and usability test across different screens. Then we familiarize ourselves with the the functionalities of your website.

Push Notifications

We’ll set up and integrate push notifications, along with segmented types so you can send direct notifications to all of your user types. They can get the notifications to get your mobile app from your website.

App Setup

We create your Google and Apple apps from your website and prepare everything it needs for upload to Google and Apple app stores. We make sure that it works well on different screens to give your users the best experience.

Review / Launch

We’ll set up your Google & Apple App store accounts, along with uploading your apps, including previews, description, and text to make sure the APPs are in line with your brand values completely.

changing lives

Helping businesses like VAFA realise their true potential for new sponsorship revenue

By identifying their larger community, taking advantage of their single largest digital asset, opening new advertising channels to help invest back into the community, clubs and their game.


We’ve empowered businesses of all shapes and sizes, big and small alike

With an array of experience and expertise in all areas of business and life, the team here at Powahaus has helped hundreds of businesses across many industries. The following is but a small sample of those we have helped and empowered.

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