Create A New Direct Line Of Channel With Push Notifications

Engage with your members or customers direct on their mobile devices for everything from news, promotions, and more.

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Re-engage your visitors with automated APP and Web push notifications.

Would you love to easily connect and engage your users to increase retention and build trust?
We live in a digital age, where everyone (almost) has a mobile phone on them at all times connected to the internet. Why settle for email notifications when you can instantly notify your users to alert them of important news, alerts and more – direct onto their mobile phones. Even better, using segments, you can pick and choose the types of users to receive your push notifications easily

We can help you keep your business top of mind with your users through push notifications to boost engagement.

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From higher open rates, better click throughts, directly engage with your members & customers more efficiently

Perfect for Websites, Apps & SaaS
From membership sites to marketplaces or platforms, setup & configuration is achievable

Extremely Cost Effective

From as little as a dollar per month per 1,000 subscribers, this doesn’t break the bank

Segmented Groups

Send notifications to groups and segments based on interests and categories you define

Over 400 businesses and counting, from launch to re-brand, integrated UX, CX, custom development and a whole lot more


Push notifications help to engage users and increase retention. We identify if there is a potential need or use for more direct communication in your business. We research and analyze your audiences, their behaviour on your platforms, and trends.

Create messaging

Every notification pushed should offer value. Based on our research and analysis of your audience, we Identify the types of communication that will engage them, and determine the perfect timing and frequency for messages.


Push notification can be set up on both on web and mobile platforms, we Identify all existing or new places in your business where delivering push notifications will improve engagement and increase return traffic for your business.

Set up and Training

We set up push notification functionality for your business, segment your audience to make sure they get relevant content, educate and train you and your staff on how to continue sending timely, relevant and personalized notifications. 

changing lives

Helping businesses like VAFA realise their true potential for new sponsorship revenue

By identifying their larger community, taking advantage of their single largest digital asset, opening new advertising channels to help invest back into the community, clubs and their game.


We’ve empowered businesses of all shapes and sizes, big and small alike

With an array of experience and expertise in all areas of business and life, the team here at Powahaus has helped hundreds of businesses across many industries. The following is but a small sample of those we have helped and empowered.

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