Offer Another Alternative For Potential Customers With Integrated Chatbots

Convert curious audiences to potential customers, generate and nurture leads and improve your sales funnel with chatbot marketing.

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Turn messages into leads with chatbot marketing.

How would you like an assistant that works for you 24/7, 365 days without salary? Or a way to provide a quick and specific response to your leads and prospects even when you sleep? These are just some benefits of integrating chatbot in your marketing. Chatbot is a unique and automated communication management technology that you can use on different contact channels like apps, your website, facebook messenger, whatsapp and more.

Let us create chatbots that will make your brand communication unique and special. Marketing, sales, internal communication, customer service – we will automate your conversations no matter what they are about.

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From Facebook, to on page live chat, turn curious visitors into new lead prospects and more

Works With Facebook
Connect and convert Facebook users on your website into potential leads

On Page Prominent Placement

Display live chat with chatbot interaction prominently on your website

Guide Queries To Relevant Information

Ask questions and guide your visitors to relevant areas/information automatically

Over 400 businesses and counting, from launch to re-brand, integrated UX, CX, custom development and a whole lot more


It all starts with your idea. We define the objective and goals, as well as functionalities that your chatbot will serve. What part of your business are you looking to automate with chatbots?

Conversation Design

Experience is all about emotion. Depending on the kind of experience you are trying to deliver. We build your bot its own conversation tree with a concrete set of questions and answers.

Additional Modules and Testing

We add more functionality to your bot through 3rd party integrations. Then our Quality Assurance team works to make sure your chatbot solves real customer needs through testing.

Deployment and Ongoing Support

It’s time for the world to meet your bot. We integrate it into channels that your audiences use and can reach you on – and we don’t stop adding features and providing ongoing support.

changing lives

Helping businesses like VAFA realise their true potential for new sponsorship revenue

By identifying their larger community, taking advantage of their single largest digital asset, opening new advertising channels to help invest back into the community, clubs and their game.


We’ve empowered businesses of all shapes and sizes, big and small alike

With an array of experience and expertise in all areas of business and life, the team here at Powahaus has helped hundreds of businesses across many industries. The following is but a small sample of those we have helped and empowered.

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