Upgrade Your Business Emails With A Google G Suite Migration

Upgrade your email hosting, and move to a secure cloud based provider by migrating your email, contacts and calendar to Google G Suite.

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Migrate your email and data to Google G Suite without a glitch.

So you need to migrate email and data to the cloud. Trivial. Is it possible to migrate into Google G Suite without help? Absolutely. After all, G Suite is from Google, and they make the most user-friendly platforms available – a big part of the G Suite appeal.

But if you want a smooth transition without risk of data loss (yes, that could happen) we are here to take care of it all.

You can trust us to handle the entire migration of your email and data from your legacy or older systems to Google G Suite while you focus on other priorities. To date, we have migrated over 500,000 emails across to Google G Suite, we know this space and will help you.

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From more security, reduced spam, larger email storage, improve your business email setup with a migration to Google G Suite and more

Eliminate Spam
Forget clearing out your inbox of spam every day, Google will take care of it for you

More Email Storage

Keep your emails as long as you need with 30gb or easily upgrade to unlimited storage

Improved Calendar

Take advantage of a powerful calendar system that can integrate with thousands of systems
More Secure
Remove that worry and stress, setup advanced security measures so only you can access your emails

Access From Anywhere

With your mobile, tablet, to laptop/computer via gmail.com or your preferred email program

Cloud Storage

Use the included Drive storage to backup your important business files for extra peace of mind

Over 400 businesses and counting, from launch to re-brand, integrated UX, CX, custom development and a whole lot more


We perform a thorough system review with your help to determine just how much data needs to be transferred. We discuss the project details, impacts and risks to expect.


Before copied over, we create a repository for your emails and other attachments to reduce risk of data loss. Then with you, we decide the email policies around what to migrate.


We first migrate test emails to know if early issues are occurring. When the coast is clear, we migrate your data, and that requires some hours of email downtime.


Throughout and after migration, we attend to your questions and concerns and as well provide ongoing support to resolve issues that might arise.

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