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Navigate the digital landscape with solutions that help you connect, engage, and retain your customers. From UI/UX to bespoke website development and more.

what we do

Need breakthrough digital solutions designed to better engage your audiences?

Whether you’d like to launch or improve on your digital service, create digital capacity, or define your digital strategy, you will reach your goal faster with us.

Together with you, we’ll use customer insights, psychological analysis and profiling to create digital solutions that will deliver experiences that delight your audience and meet your business needs.

We do digital differently


We take our time to understand your needs and requirements, then build a team specifically around your digital needs. For each project, we go further to understand how it impacts your business, so that if there is room for further improvements, we work together to identify those opportunities to better your business.


We are human, you are human, and so is your audience. Isn’t it logical to make them the center of our whole digital approach? There is no better way to connect with your audience than understanding their perspectives, which is why for each of our digital services, we use psychoanalysis as an important tool to create customer-centric solutions.

Long-term support.

Unlike conveyor belt agencies, you’re not just another number – we don’t disappear. We’re always here for you and can make sure your digital operations, assets, and experiences never go down for your clients and employees. We are always there when you need us, but most importantly working hard so that you don’t have.


Website Development

Email Setup & Migration


Ecommerce Optimization

Ecommerce Configurations

Saas & Apps

Integrated Marketing


Helping businesses like VAFA realise their true potential for new sponsorship revenue

By identifying their larger community, taking advantage of their single largest digital asset, opening new advertising channels to help invest back into the community, clubs and their game.


Knowing what your next play should be is not easy. That’s where we come in. Whether you want to assess your current digital performance or validate an idea, we’ll dive deep into your business, and take you on a collaborative journey to achieve your goals.

Digital product design & development

We design and develop digital products, but we also see value in modernizing existing ones. From bespoke apps and websites to bots and e-commerce platforms; we research, concept, design, and develop digital products that not only focus on your customer’s needs but elevate your experience.

Marketing automation

Since creating a seamless experience for your customers to interact with your business is all we want, we set up crucial marketing communication channels for your business and automate them. From email marketing, and SMS marketing to push notifications and more. A mix of skill sets with data, strategy, and creativity at its core.

Support and maintenance

Technology never stands still. It moves, retires, gets upgraded, and breaks sometimes. We can provide maintenance and support that does more than just keep the lights on; we’ll make sure your digital product is supported on a resilient technical infrastructure so you can rest easy knowing it’s under control.

Over 400 businesses and counting, from launch to re-brand, integrated UX, CX, custom development and a whole lot more


We’ve empowered businesses of all shapes and sizes, big and small alike

With an array of experience and expertise in all areas of business and life, the team here at Powahaus has helped hundreds of businesses across many industries. The following is but a small sample of those we have helped and empowered.

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